Dread it run from it destiny still arrives all the same

Yesterday night I had a dream rather a very good one the universe was ending and there I was in a spaceship witnessing all of that, such a splendid sight it was. technically none would survive that so out of curiosity I took a step ahead and I dug deep to find the ways our universe might end.

Yeah I was looking at it… (yeah I even took a picture)

Approximately 13.8 billion years ago there was absolutely nothing and then kaboom it all started with a bang. This massive bang spewed out energy across directions and yeah that’s how the foundations for our existence was laid. Now let’s picture the early universe as a small balloon🎈 with the energy of the big bang causing it to expand over billions of years for a lot of years our scientists including the great Einstein thought the process of expansion has stopped and they also thought that the universe was static and finite.

However observations have proven otherwise the universe is still expanding and the process is picking up pace, so could this mean that everything could have been originated from a more compact state that we call a big bang? This also implies that time did have a beginning. Such huge amount of energy was generated that the universe still keeps expanding.

Now the important question arises how long will it continue to expand, going back to our balloon example, if we fill the balloon with too much of air it will reach an extent where it will become too big and it will rip apart. It’s evident that the same will be the case with our universe too.

However this does not stop here there are multiple other theories stating how the universe might end some researchers even believe that the universe might shrink decrease or even decay.

So before it’s too late let’s take a look, im sure everything else can wait XD

The universe could rip apart:

Let’s discuss this first idea, this balloon idea has been prevalent in our scientific community for years

The fact of the matter is that the universe is expanding and the process is accelerating and tbh what is accelerating this process is unknown.

Over time the universe grows stronger than the gravity it contains eventually this would lead to the tearing apart of galaxies,planets, stars and even black holes. What would be left after that? Nothing zero zip nada but there would exist single disconnected particles of what will be our new universe then these will also slowly decay into radiation.

This world be exactly like thanos snapping his fingers but twice. If somehow humans survive then we would be able to study more about dark matter.. Uhm fascinating

So after the universe becomes nothing but disconnected particles what will happen next? The answer is another big bang and a cyclic process of creation and destruction,well this is just one possibility don’t blame me if this doesn’t happen.

The universe could freeze in its tracks (heat death) :

Like I mentioned this is also known as the great heat death. The big freeze is another way the universe could end in the next couple billion of years and this for sure won’t be pretty🤣

In stark contrast to something like the big rip the big freeze revolves around the basic ideas of entropy. Our universe is a massive isolated system and will have it’s entropy continuously increase until it reaches a maximum value, and on this fateful day the heat in our universe will completely be distributed allowing no room for usable energy. In short we could say that the universe would stop moving or would move very slowly.

Our universe would move from order to disorder basically this is just that all matter in the universe continues to expand with all matter eventually reaching a final uniform state.

The universe could collapse:

Let’s go back to our balloon idea rather than popping and tearing itself apart the balloon would deflate and shrink to it’s original point of origin.

In this situation gravity becomes the dominant force with the universe reaching a point in which it would stop expanding and starts to collapse over time, this would lead to utter chaos stars, planets, celestial bodies and even galaxies would collide causing a violent end to our universe turning everything into a singularity.

This phase(energy) transmission will start somewhere in the universe and spread maybe it has already begun who knows?

But again these are just theories, these might or might not happen the good news is that we don’t have to worry about any of this for now let’s just deal with global warming, climate change,bio and neuclear wars let’s not end everything prematurely 😂

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