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Yeah this is about the dreams you see while you are asleep.

It’s 4am in the morning and I’m doing this🤦🏻‍♂️ anyways I was having a dream where I was going out with my crush it’s going all good then I suddenly got woken by a bunch of birds having a rave party on my roof (sad) relatable?

I can’t sleep pepper ~tony stark

“Dreams are one of the most mysterious experiences,they can be strange funny scary or simulating.But as a general rule they fade away after you wake up,no not the dream where you have a happy life with your crush and u end up marrying him/her,lol(it doesn’t fade,not even Thanos can snap it out of your mind XD)

Before we get into the details let’s understand the basic mechanics of what dreams are and how they work

How are dreams formed?

Thanks to modern science,it’s now possible to look inside our human brains(not by cutting the skull in half,no not at all)

It’s possible to to take a dive into the human brain and observe the processes that happen when you are long asleep.

“Like they say,want to understand the universe understand the human brain first”

Modern medicine is very advanced sometimes it bought people back from the threshold of death and this made the study of near death experiences possible

Despite having such skill and technology by our side,there are still a lot of gaps that need to be filled.

As of now we know a lot less about “dreams”for sometime it’s been assumed that dreams were related to REM sleep(rapid eye moment)a stage of sleep which is recognizable by the sleepers rapid eye moment.

Somnology paved way for the study of dreams also the reasons for snoring(lol)

REM was discovered in the mid 20th century,it played the major role in explaining dreams.

Apart from REM there are other motor activities as well,these are also important.Rem occurs every 90 minutes and lasts for like 20 minutes (weird ratio!!)

Experiments conducted show that people who woke up from REM sleep were clearly about report to being able to dreamt than those who were woken during non REM sleep

However scientists now discovered that people do dream in other phases of sleep as well. Although the quality of these dreams are different they tend to resemble conscious thought sequences (thoughts stored in the sub conscious)

Now arises the question what are these dreams trying to tell us?

Like I’ve told you above dreams are a mixture of series of unconnected and raw information from different parts of the brain

However it’s observed that we don’t dream at random,(I mean it’s common everything happens for a reason,doesn’t it?)

Dreams have something to do with people and their lives(yeah that’s what it is) sometimes they reveal our deepest and darkest secrets

Some people repeatedly dream of dying in a plane crash,they dream of objects and people that they dealt during the day.

Dreams aren’t just something that neurons simulate at random it has a lot to do with your life.

Your life experiences influence your dreams!!!

What dreams do we clearly remember?

The dream involving your crush?(jokes apart) we usually only remember that we had an intense dream when we wake,this makes sense actually because we have several dreams each night and if we do remember a dream it must have occured in the final stage I mean just before you wake up.

The contents of the dream just tend to fade away just as we try to recollect them,only nightmares or dreams of a particularly emotional nature stick back.

Moreover dreams and memories are not directly connected

It’s kinda possible to choose what to dream but c’mon it would not be fun to have control over something which is not meant to be controlled

Dreams are an amazing place,let’s us just keep it that way until we clearly know what we are dealing with, sensible?(Nolan won’t accept with this statement though XD)

Okay on the lighter tone did you ever have a dream where you are In a swimming pool and u pee,the next thing you realize is that you wet the bed😂(it used to happen a lot of times when I was a kid,yikes!!!)





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