God created the universe

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cosmology refers to the ideas we have about the universe and how it works. we tend to find an answer for everything but yet a lot remains unanswered questions such as our evolution, dark matter the beginning of time and the existence of god are some topics that tickle our human brain.

our beliefs about the universe are shown through an important text called the Vedas. This text suggests that the universe is very old but that it is not entirely clear where it came from or when it began. Hindus believe that there are many universes floating around in space and there are many different ideas about how the world was created.

The following quote from the Rig Veda shows humanity is curious about the nature of creation: ‘Who verily knows and who can here declare it, whence it was born and whence comes this creation? The Gods are later than this world’s production. Who knows then whence it first came into being? He, the first origin of this creation, whether he formed it all or did not form it, Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven, he verily knows it, or perhaps he knows not’ [RigVeda]
we believe that time goes in cycles and that each time period is a long one. Each cycle is called a yuga and there are four different yugas, each of which lasts for a different amount of time. At the end of each yuga, time is destroyed and then a new yuga begins. Hindus are currently in the age of kali and when it ends the sathya age will begin.

its also believed that all matter will go through different stages, known as the Tri-guna. This is the idea that everything is created, remains in existence and then is destroyed. This links to Trimurti, as Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the sustainer and Shiva is the destroyer these three are the guardians who look after every aspect of the universe. we all know that the universe came to existence from a singularity and this singularity could be lord shiva.

before i move forward with the the topic, lemme tell you lord shiva isnt scary or always angry to all the cool woke kids who have zero knowledge about the lord. He holds everything within Him and yet transcends everything. His greatness is immeasurable. While others are restricted to their space of operation, Shiva is not restricted by anything. His grace makes Him resplendent and this grace also makes Him impartial and balanced with respect to all

shiva means that which is not the physical existence or is the vast, static, un manifested nothingness that is timeless with no beginning and no end, it is boundless with no start and no end, is shapeless, is the most powerful energy capable of mass destruction in order for meaningful creation to happen. Now think about Dark energy, something that is not physical as well and has striking similarities to that of god

Per modern Physics, around 95% of the Universe as we know it is filled with Dark energy (70%) and dark matter (25%) and the rest (5%) is Physical creation, i.e. what we can see. This physical Universe is explorable as it stops light but the dark universe (kala in hinduism) is mostly unexplored although we have some theories:

We know that the Universe is expanding because Hubble in 1929 observed that distant galaxies showed a larger red shift than closer galaxies. We still have to confirm if it’s accelerating though, which will prove Einstein wrong as per him, Universe is expanding at a constant pace and so he coined a Cosmological constant to denote the energy density of this universe - an opposition force to gravity. We ‘ll see!
dark matter Is uniform across the space as it’s an intrinsic property of space.
Interacts with gravity and helps maintain the order of the Universe.
dark matter is The most energetic and hence the most powerful force of Universe.
it Is undetectable in the lab (although speculations exist that Higgs boson could be the link between physical creation and the dark matter?).

No doubt we are a Kardashev level 0 civilization we havent been able to properly harness all the energy of our home planet but we tend to find answers for something complex.
okay Now, let’s talk about 2 verses from Rigveda that match with our findings

Rigveda 10.90.3 - All that is born is just his one fourth, the other 3/4th cannot be born or die.
Rigveda 10.90.4 - 3/4th of him is beyond and only 1/4th of him is born again and again.
That is, 3/4th of the Universe or the dark energy is eternal and only the rest is physical manifestation bounded to be cyclical i.e. emerging out and then merging back to this vast, static, un manifested nothingness . This 3/4th of un manifested, un cyclic, static dimension of the Universe is what we refer to as Shiva or god, which modern science has termed as Dark energy (for now) and the rest 1/4th is called Shakti - the dynamic, cyclic, manifested form of Shiva. A hinduism phrase says that Sarvam shivam mayam jagatham i.e. the whole Universe is held by Shiva. Shiva Lingam, the physical manifestation emblem of Shiva is an ellipsoid and represents unlimited power and doorway to Shiva. Now think about center of all galaxies or the super massive black holes - the elliptical doorways to singularity and considered to be the most destructive force in the Universe. Coincidence? No. There is a reason why Shiva is called the ultimate force of destruction because the very reason is a more meaningful creation. Our physical Universe created over Billions of years of evolution due to energy play between Shiva and Shakti started with a roar (Big bang) or in other words destruction, leading to a beautiful cyclic creation. Remember Thanos from Avengers infinity wars? And Shiva’s statue outside CERN depicting dance[tandava] of creation-destruction, the basis of Quantum field theory?

The very fundamental of physical dimension of the Universe is the notion of duality i.e. a complete opposite force in order to lead to a symmetry or in other words, a perfect destruction-creation pair formula for cyclicism i.e. anything taken from this Universe, must be returned back. In terms of Physics, think particles such as Protons-Electrons. In terms of life rhythm, think breath in-breath out. And the mid of these fundamental dualities is the ultimate unity - the vast nothingness, Shiva

Truth is stranger than fiction. That Shiva or vast nothingness is inside of you and me . And if you are looking for the physical manifestation of Shiva i.e. the Lord Shiva or Mahadev, the handsome muscular god who walked amongst us at some point of time learn more about him and you will understand.

as humans with complex skills and abilities we tend to relate everything to a concept of science while being ignorant, but deep down we know that there are a lot of things in this universe that science cant answer and god is a concept that our tiny human brains cant process.

This should make sense just think about it…





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