So you are trying to sleep? Okay here lemme help you read this and ur asleep even before you know it😊

#1 be careful what u wish for
a old woman is all alone in her house she is lonely and cold and suddenly she says out loud, “Oh, I wish I had some company.” Immediately, body parts start falling from her chimney until a full human corpse forms and begins to dance around the room. When it finally stops, the woman asks, “What do you come for?” the corpse replies "you"Unfortunately, the answer probably wasn’t something the poor lady wanted to hear.

#2 something is in the air
A newly wed couple are on thier honeymoon, after a busy day they decide to head back to the hotel and let off some steam, as decided they go back to the room and they decide to watch a movie and in between the woman smells something pungent and feels agitated looking at her the man decides to bring in the room freshener few minutes later the smell is gone thanks to the room freshener, now the woman calls out " oh honey you are the best come on here and put your head on my shoulder" just as she turns for a kiss, the severed head of the man falls down and a figure in a black mask replies "your wish is my command"

#3 if you know you know
Janani and reha share a room in a small apartment. One night while janani is trying to sleep, reha starts humming Janani tells reha to stop it out because she was trying to sleep and she has to sleep in order to be fresh to face the challenges tommorow, suddenly the humming stops. Later in the night, the humming starts again, and when janani tells reha to stop, she doesn’t. After being patient for a while she gets angry, janani pulls the blankets away from reha to tell her to be quiet but to her surprise her friend is without a head. Hoping that it’s just a nightmare, the shocked woman goes back to sleep, and we will never find out if it really was a dream or not.



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an electron whose momentum and position are not known