String Theory:

3 min readJul 10, 2020

Well right before I begin,here is a disclaimer, if you are that person who can name all the five Kardashians and you are having a trouble understanding the phenomena of the cosmos that doesn’t mean you are a bad person but you should probably reevaluate your reading habits(lol)

Our universe is quite fascinating,cosmos,energy the beginning the end,time,space humans, microbes,atoms sub atomic particles gosh there are a lot of things that make this up

A wise man once said we are born too early too explore the universe,too late to explore earth but right on time to explore memes ( I don’t know who said it,I said it cause he said it also memes are no way related I better not divert from the topic 😂).**sighs**

For ages physicists have been trying to answer the unanswered questions, people always believed that there is a superpower a SUPREME one that is making things,moving us like pawns but like they say what one believes is irrelevant in physics and physicists are trying to give a logical explanation. A single theory that explains all the forces

String theory is a standard description of the universe by replacing all the matter and force particles with just one element. Tiny vibrating strings that continuously vibrate and are twisted in ways that from our point of view they look like particles.

We know that matter has dual nature right? Wavy and particulate (pay attention it will all fall in place)

String theory aims to address various cosmic puzzles,the main of which is how gravity works for tiny particles like photons and electrons

General relativity deals with large bodies(planets and stars)what we are talking is at the subatomic level.

Theories suggest that gravity Ultimately behaves like magnetism,just think about it fridge magnets stick to the surface of the fridge because their particles are swapping photons with fridge particles.

Gravity being one of the four forces of nature lacks the explanation for smaller particles.

Theories only predict what gravitons should look like,but when they try to calculate what happens when two gravitons smash together,they get an infinite amount of energy packed into a small space,do the math small space and infinite energy there’s no logic this tells us that we are failing to notice something,yeah not everything can be caught with the eye **sighs**

One possible solution to explain this(to be honest to get rid of this problematic point like graviton particles) strings and only strings can collide and rebound cleanly without implying physically impossible infinities

A string of a particular length striking a particular frequency note gains the properties of an electron and another string folded and vibrating plays the role of an atom(sensible right?)

But there is a roadblock string math didn’t work in the familiar four dimensions (three dimensions of space and one of time) this needed six additional dimensions only visible to the little strings.

Let’s take an example let’s consider a rope tied to the end of two buildings,now a human like u and me can only walk forward and backwards But for an ant it could go all around the rope(mass weight and gravity works differently)

Similarly for a bird flying over head the rope would be one dimensional (it would look like a line) but for the ant the same rope is a three dimensional cylinder

One dimensional object- thats the thing that tames all the infinities that come up in the calculations.

But there are a lot of loose ends like lack of super symmetry and the explanation of the ten dimensions (in the string point of view) these have to be tied up.

The research on string theory has slowed down in the last 30 years,but with the rise in the new era of gravitational astronomy the questions will all be answered.

Everything is possible through technology better living,robust health most importantly studying our universe.People back then were limited with the technology of their time but with what we have today we will surely get the answers,maybe late but definitely…




an electron whose momentum and position are not known