To Spidey with love ❤️

Spiderman umm i really want to talk to you
U are the bravest and the coolest superhero amongst all of them, aren't you??

Let's track this from the beginning, shall we?

Once there lived a nerdy geek kiddo
Who got bitten by a radioactive spider
And he lived happily ever after
Wish his story was as simple as that
It's often said what one loves during his childhood becomes a part of him forever
And I love a whole lotta things, geez

So is it the power that makes a person special or is it the person who is special?
I know that the individual without any powers would only be able to certain amount of things but
I won't hesitate to argue that it is the person who chose to do the things in a certain Manner, good or bad
For example anyone can be spiderman
But only no one else can be like Peter Parker
Peter Parker, He was nothing He wasn't aping the lifestyle of immortals like say, Superman or Thor; he wasn't fabulously wealthy like Batman or Iron man. He was just a broke kid, an outcast that got bit by a spider who is trying to work his way through school, and work, and supporting his aunt and then trying to be a hero on top of it.

He is just like u and me trying to get things done, trying to make something out of nothing
And that's what makes him relatable isn't it?
Leave the movies if u take a look at the comics There were numerous issues throughout his publication (especially the early runs) when he was forced to do his laundry with his mask on in his undershorts, scrounge around for money to make more web fluid or catch the bus home because he ran out, fight with his boss to get paid, make sacrifices to his life in every way just to keep helping people

Geez dude he never gives up, does he? He never ever gives up. Even if he’s dying he’s still ends up giving everything he’s got. Even if the odds are against him even if it's him against the world. Even if by doing so he puts people he loves in danger, Spider-Man will always try to do the right thing.

Because that's what heroes do right?, they inspire people they don't do it for the kick or the money, they just do it coz it's the freaking right thing to do!!
His character Kind of ties into the never giving up thing. Part of it is definitely that. But another part of it is how he feels responsible because of his power. “With great power must also come great responsibility.” There’s a reason that is his often-repeated motto.

And Why do I love Spider-Man so much?
What more can I say?
Okay lemme ask you
How often do you realise that u walk past a Peter Parker everyday?? How often do you try decoding that? How often do realise that under the red blue spandex exists flesh and blood who goes through existential crisis. We don’t realise that do we?
That’s it folks I just feel he’s the greatest superhero ever created. Better than Batman or Superman. Better than Wolverine or Captain America. Better than Miles Morales or Miguel O’Hara. Peter Parker is simply the best because he is the "BEST"
He got gifts yes, but he always has a price to pay because "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!!!



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