What if????

What if you could travel through time maybe take a trip to the past or do some service in the world a hundred years from now? Sounds fascinating and scary at the same time ain’t it? Time travel has always been an interesting subject and has been involved extensively in words of science fiction I’ve already spoken about this before but there something more about this topic that makes me always wonder, what if????

Fictional works aside,could you actually travel through time??? For years scientists and researchers have been literally breaking their heads As strange, amazing and creepy as it would be, we know that travelling to the future is actually possible, I mean just as iam writing this I’m moving forward in time but travelling back in time or to the past is something else entirely.

Einstein showed that forward time travel is possible,either through the warping of space time in the presence of mass or by travelling faster than the speed of light 😯. Even though they sound strange and complicated there is a simple way of thinking about both.

So as we know speed is relative, and the speed an object travelling depends upon the mass of the object travelling right? So how exactly does mass effect your journey through time? As strange as this is the more Massive an object the slower the time will flow for that object. For example time moves more slowly for us here on earth than it does for the astronauts on the ISS. Although the difference is tiny it’s significant enough that satellites need to be recalibrated to earth time. The only problem with this concept is that it’s difficult to explain this without using complex mathematics and I’m no math major(math always gave me nightmares) but lemme put it in this way to help you understand this. Imagine a beam of light moving through empty space with nothing else present the beam of light travels in a straight line. Now let’s imagine that the beam of light encounters a rigid body a star perhaps, next think that u r in a space shipon the opposite side of the star that the light beam is heading towards. In order to reach you the beam of light must travel along the curvature created by the star in order to reach you. If the star wasn’t there the beam of light would otherwise travel straight towards you. Thus due to presence of a star and it’s attractive forces increase the amount of time required for the light to reach you (the shortest distance between two points is always a straight line)

Although this is not a perfect explanation of time dilation but it did give me an idea about how it works.

Another way as we know from all the sci fi movies of course is to travel or move at speed close to the speed of light the faster you move the slower time will flow for you if you were able to drive your car at 99percent the speed of light your flow of time would slow down drastically while everything else outside of your car would still be experiencing your original flow of time. After leaving your car you would find yourself in the far future. How does this happen exactly??? Well we exist in a three spacial dimensional universe and one time dimension, when you move in any given direction your moving through three dimensional space for think that you are walking towards north as you walk your motion is happening in only one direction. Imagine now you move slightly westward with some of your motion now being directed away from your original direction. As you change your direction your moment is diverted between the spacial dimensions. As you move you are moving through three dimensional space then what about when you are standing still? When you are not moving u aren’t moving through the three dimensions however there is one direction you are still moving through, the time dimension.

When you start moving some of your motion is now being diverted from the time dimension to the spacial dimensions thus as you move the time begins to slow
I know this is kinda vague but the concept of space time has a lot more to it then what we know.



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