Are we really alone in this vast universe??

Whenever I get time to go out during the night I make sure to take a look at the sky, not only just to remind myself that my head should always be held high but also to think and imagine every single star being an individual solar system,God what a world. Universe, now. Also Just because we don’t have any visitors from other worlds we can’t simply say that we are alone in this universe.

It’s interesting to imagine the types of worlds that may or may not exist. Like most people the first thing that strikes my mind is whether or not there’s someone else on one of those distant planets, perhaps looking up at our sun and asking themselves the same thing.

We’ve all pondered the question of whether we’re alone or not. Purely from a statistical standpoint it seems exceedingly unlikely that we are alone,after all our galaxy alone is home to over a 100 billion stars, and our is one of them.

In all these vastness it would be very strange if earth was the only one to host life, isn’t it? Yet until we find definitive evidence, we won’t know for sure. Humanity has really only begun the search for alien life. Relative to the size of the universe, we’ve barely even scratched the surface. There are however some promising worlds a lot closer to home. We know that Mars was once habitable in the past, even hosting rivers, lakes and oceans of liquid water. Even the outer solar system is home to potentially habitable worlds. The icy moons, Europa and Enceladus are both home to subsurface oceans of liquid water, along with the right chemistry indeed to get life started.

We may not have discovered alien life yet but we know that the stuff needed to make life is common throughout the universe. Out of the many trillion of planets out there, life is bound to get started at some point. However when discussing alien life, its important to make the distinction between life itself and more specifically complex intelligent life.

Another important factor to consider is our very obvious bias towards earths biology, since earth is the only example of life we know and hence our assumptions about alien life are made about are based on earth. There are no known laws of nature that dictate all life must follow same rules as earth, at least. Perhaps it’s possible for non-carbon based lifeforms to exist or maybe life that doesn’t require water to survive. For now the life on this world is all we know to exist and hence it would be smart to look for conditions similar to earth. Why? Because we know life got started here under these conditions and it has since flourished for the last couple billion years.

If it happened once it can surely happen again given the right conditions also whilst trying to understand what’s out there we have to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we will ever know…..



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an electron whose momentum and position are not known