Wish It was easy…

Before you read this understand that yeah I’ve always joked about this but when this feeling strikes you everything changes, even if it goes your way or even if it doesn’t you learn and u never stop going forward, the mind tells me to leave and my heart tells me to live, I have so many questions but zero answers so with a double mind I write this. 😇

It isn’t the dna ribbon that binds us together

The root that unifies us does not derive from a tree or a plant

This feeling knows no genetics,no science

It is a peculiar seed,this feeling

No matter what the conditions are

When planted on a nourishing soul,it will always bear a fruit

I watch the sun rising from her eyes

Gosh what can I say?

I admit

I’m afraid

I may not be the one she wants

For she is a stunning mystery,

And I’m just a mere mortal

She carries things deep that I sometimes get lost trying to understand, maybe quantum physics is more easier

I was afraid

I admit

She was the ocean

And I was just a boy

Who loved waves but was terrified to swim

But I’m never gonna give up

There is my heart and then there is you

I’m unsure if there is a difference between both of these

Life is short and I can tell her, but

what if I lose the friend in her??

Hey woman if you are reading this

Whatever it is, I like you to be exactly the way you are, because I’ve never known anyone like you

The moon might split in half and the stars could crumble falling like crackers into the sea

The air might get thin and it must be difficult to breathe


I only hope u never leave me

I only hope u never leave me…



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an electron whose momentum and position are not known